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Admittedly, Nat hasn’t typically entered the discussion of Avenger deaths – the favorites of the originating heroes to bite the bullet are Tony Stark and/or Steve Rogers, depending on their actors’ contract re-negotiations – but this latest development would seem to resolutely save her. However, that takes some major assumptions about the story of her film: namely, that it’ll be set after Avengers 4 .

The large web of black widows consists of a loosely organized mesh (cobweb). The female may lay several masses of eggs during one summer. The egg case is suspended in the web and contains 250–750 eggs. It is white or tan in colour and has a papery texture, and it measures up to 12 mm ( inch) in diameter. The young spiders, which are orange and white, emerge in 14 to 30 days. Females may live more than 1 1 / 2 years.

Black Widow - Black WidowBlack Widow - Black WidowBlack Widow - Black WidowBlack Widow - Black Widow